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virtual dating game show

Dujuana Sharese the host secures connections in a time where we should be socially distancing. This show is fun and exciting along with an element of surprise. We know many of our comrades are bunkered down in their dwellings due to the pandemic. 


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Participants have a blast while they are interacting with each other competing for the date. The audience is the comment gallery who will speak minds in through clever comments to help to influence the participants.

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As we are taking care of ourselves and being safe it does not stop the loneliness from creeping in. Look no further, The Art of Dating will be able to lift your troubles away for about 90 mins.

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Heading 6

The Art of Dating virtual 
show is designed to fit your organizations needs. We can stream across social media or  just to your platform.  Look no further lets connect  while we social distance. Contact us for more information. 

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