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Who is Dujuana?

Dujuana Sharese explosive spoken word artist, master of ceremonies, pod-caster and  performer who has the ability to tantalize with the sound of her voice. Dujuana has been enticing audiences with her truth and comedic energy through spoken word and music.   Sharese is the tone setter for  any atmosphere  she lands in.  As a Master of Ceremonies  she streamlines the timeline as well as having  audiences elated entertained and satisfied. 


Content Creations:

Cypher Movement Freestyle Write

Art of Dating 

  • Everything is a Story Podcast (co-- host),

  • Change Your Perspective in your Rites of Passage (Workshop Session),

  • Spoken Sound 

  • Cypher Movement (1st poetry slam venue in Jersey City),

  • Sound Lounge (music battle venue),

  • Generation Cypher (children’s poetry and workshops),

  • the Art of Dating (a remix of the 70 dating game show).

Master of Ceremonies (Host): 

  • Spoken Out Loud Pride Event  online 

  • Jersey City Public Library Pride Event online

  • Black Lesbian Love Lab Dating Game Show, Virtual

  •  West Stories Festival, NJ,

  • Sister Space, MD,

  • Party with a Purpose, DC African American

  • Parade Talent Show Case NJ,  Fifty Shades of Purple Anti-Bullying, PA,

  • Hyssop Housing Inc Annual Fundraiser, 

  • Majestic Milestone  MD.

Spoken Sound Band a spoken word band which infuses music and the word. The sound is in a class by itself incorporating, alternative rock soul genre.  Albums: Project Sound and Transitions of a Butterfly. 

Get in Touch 
Eias Podcast

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